BT Password Reset

Posted 1/25/14

Hello BT Members,
To better serve our members, we have decided to post the password reset instructions for here. From time to time we might reset all passwords for security reasons, or you may have forgotten your password.

Step 1: Go to: BankOnTraffic.Com  *Click Here*

Step 2: Select:  Member Login

Step 3: Select:  Forgot your password?

Step 4: Enter your email address
             Then select:  SUBMIT

Step 5: If the system found your email, you will get a message that says:
             “password has been sent to the email”

             *If not, you may have the wrong password. Please contact support.
             Support Contact Page:
             Click on Member Support.

Step 6: If Step 5 says “password has been sent to the email”
             Then check your email for the new password.

*See The Diagram Below:

In December, we reset all passwords for a security update. You should have received one in your email. If not, please use the steps above.

*Keep in mind, we have had members forget the email that they used when they
originally signed up. If you can not remember the email address that you signed
up with, then you need to contact support.

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